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The second China construction machinery distributi

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Gather the industry tongren JiJian participation constraint listed the true, the industry elite, set up the China construction machinery industry brand image and awareness, interpretation of its important value and profound significance, pushing construction machinery industry quality merchants, recognition in promoting the development of Chinese engineering machinery industry make a significant contribution to the units and individuals.To be able to bear the responsibility of the future development of the engineering machinery industry and to meet the challenge and win the world.

By China construction machinery industry association branch of engineering machinery accessories of guidance, automobil engineering machinery network host, units at all levels and the media to take an active part in support of "2011 China engineering machinery accessories industry peak BBS and annual enterprise campaign" is about to start, the event will be "technology innovation, low carbon environmental protection, the strategic cooperation and contribution to the industry" as the theme, again emphasized the innovation and development and the cooperation of enterprises and industries.To build a brand in the field of Chinese engineering machinery industry enterprises, enhance the brand image of engineering machinery enterprise and social influence, to be able to rely on the brand advantage in the fierce competition in the future to win, relying on cooperation to win in the future!
The activity has invited technical experts in the domestic engineering machinery industry and famous people in the industry to evaluate our true industry elites.More will have the national newspaper, the network, the television media to promote the promotion, is the enterprise to display the brand image, the achievement popularity and the reputation of the good opportunity, the opportunity can not miss;We are looking forward to your participation!
The selection based on the principle of scientific, professional, and just, fair, well-known experts in the industry are invited as selection project Settings and to explore the selection rules, through strict review selected qualification of enterprises, establish perfect multi-dimensional online selection system, especially set up the "China engineering machinery accessories industry person of the year", "China engineering machinery accessories industry technical experts of the year", "China engineering machinery accessories industry technology innovation of the year", "China engineering machinery accessories industry market development of the year award" and "China engineering machinery accessories industry annual low carbon prize", "China engineering machinery accessories industry market performance of the year award", "China construction machinery fittings annual prize for the most growth potential enterprises" "China engineering machinery accessories industry high quality supplier of the year" and "foreign brand China engineering machinery accessories industry annual contribution award", "China engineering machinery accessories industry annual excellent dealer", "China engineering machinery accessories industry best strategic partner" 11 awards, is bound to create an industry the most authoritative and influential feast.
The selection to network, mobile phone text messages, questionnaire to vote three ways at the same time, the finalists by the network number + phone number + + buyer expert evaluation questionnaire together for eligible votes.The excellent selection is under fire, sincerely expect all construction machinery enterprises, and for the engineering machinery industry to make outstanding contributions to the enterprise leadership!
As long as you are socially responsible, professional and innovative enterprises and elites;
As long as you are confident and enthusiastic about the development of China's engineering machinery industry, you are pioneering and creative.
As long as you actively innovate and change, promote the development of the industry, create value by profession and guide the future with wisdom;
As long as you work hard to give back to the community and bear social responsibility, it resonates widely;
As long as your enterprise has professional value, social value, is an industry role model
Huocong engineering machinery network is willing to share with you, achievements in the industry!!!

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