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Zhengzhou international construction machinery ind

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Zhengzhou international construction machinery industry park held a foundation ceremony in xingyang, henan province.China construction machinery industry association QiJun, China construction machinery industry association agents working committee secretary-general Feng Guiying, zhengzhou xingyang related leaders and Volvo construction equipment, which makes, north part on many fields such as manufacturing enterprise representatives and agents, attended the ceremony.
It is reported that the project plans multiple industrial functional areas: engineering machinery factory area, accessories area, electromechanical equipment trading area, logistics distribution area, second-hand mechanical trading area, auction area, life supporting area.The project plan is divided into three phases: the first phase of major construction engineering machinery trading center and basic factory business supporting facilities;The second phase of the main construction of secondary construction machinery trading center, construction machinery trading ii and the protection and repair of the qinglonggang memorial garden;The third phase of the main construction park integrated service center, small and medium-sized factories centralized area, construction machinery plant, and the construction machinery trading center area to improve.In the future, the project will build a high standard and international one-stop engineering machinery procurement headquarters base.
Speaking at the ceremony, qi jun said that the industrial park was a bold attempt at the circulation of China's engineering machinery industry.He stressed that the development of China's engineering machinery industry is closely related to the development of agents.In 2010, the sales volume of China's engineering machinery industry reached 436.7 billion yuan, with agency sales accounting for over 80% of total sales.Agent system as China construction machinery industry is mature, the agent is no longer a pure sales machine, gradually transformed into sets, leasing, sales, service information feedback and so on many functions in a body's comprehensive service provider.The construction of zhengzhou international engineering machinery industry park provides a good industrial platform for the agent enterprises;It provides a diversified market of common management, resource sharing and interactive communication for the engineering machinery industry to promote the development of the industry.

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